"Endless Time"

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Endless Time

***NAMA nominee!***  

This is a 50 minute continuous journey through 12 chakras. There is a bowl chime at 10 minute intervals, to assist with treatment timing.   Click for more info, and to order!

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April 6 & 7, 2013-

7 Star Reiki I      (in Goffstown)



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Where we will be:

March 16, 7pm- The Duo of Michael Longrider and Lester Greenwood, pair up with digeridoo artist Dave Estes for an Equinox Concert at Serenity Cafe in Rye, NH


April 13- Magickal Marketplace




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"In...Through the Mist"

Owl and Eagle, Brothers- Michael LongRider and Lester Greenwood- SECOND CD

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Very Healing sound therapy!



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